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Van Riper & Nies relies combines courtroom experience, skill, hard work and personal attention, when representing our clients in eviction proceedings...

Van Riper and Nies Attorneys represent landlords and tenants in eviction proceedings. 
An eviction is a legal process by which a landlord regains possession of a leased house, apartment, condo or other real property from a tenant or occupant. The eviction process is not as simple as online eviction services seem to suggest. Because eviction is a serious matter, where residents will be put out of their home, the process of evicting a tenant involves specific deadlines and procedural rules that both landlords and tenants must comply with. Failing to follow the deadlines and procedural rules will likely lead to an unfavorable result. Our firm's fee for handling an uncontested eviction is very affordable.

Landlord Representation:

If you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant, whether for non-payment of rent, breach of the lease agreement, or for unauthorized occupants, our attorneys can help you for a very reasonable fee, so that you may reclaim your property quickly. We understand that you cannot wait for an extended period of time to reclaim your property, whether to re-lease it, sell it or otherwise. We will work quickly to reclaim your property. 

Tenant Representation:

Tenants also have rights under Florida law. Only a judge can order a tenant evicted, and only the Sheriff can put a tenant out of his or her home. Florida law does not permit a landlord to force a tenant out of
his or her home by shutting off or interrupting utilities, even if it is in the landlord's name; changing door locks, or removing the tenant's personal property. In representing tenants, we make sure that landlords comply with Florida law. That is our job. Our attorneys review lease agreements and notices from landlords to ensure that the eviction complies with Florida Landlord-Tenant law. If your landlord fails to do what the law requires, or comply with the lease agreement, we may be able to extend the time constraints or have your landlord's eviction complaint dismissed. 

The trial attorneys at our firm have a comprehensive understanding and background in all aspects of landlord-tenant law.  

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